Allieta is a creative center for personal growth, learning and wellbeing.


Educational architecture, art programs, expressive arts workshops, yoga and meditation classes for children and young people.

Teacher Trainings providing strategies and techniques to enhance attention of your students in the classroom.

Tools for personal growth and for nurturing creativity aimed at the integration of body, mind, spirit and emotions.


We considered that it is important to provide opportunities for stress management, play and relaxation to unlock the creative power within.

Our programs can be pathways to develop intuitive awareness, emotional intelligence and inner freedom.


Acknowledgments to all the children and young people who shared their work.



Special thanks to:

Clara Lasagni, Victorio Lasagni, Juan y Patricio Giliberto, Lei┬┤Ohu Rider, Vanessa Valencia, Vicky Ayers, Gylian Solay, Lauranne Thompson,
Malia Cahil, Fabiana Telechea, Cat de Rham, Michael Krugman, Melita Charan, Silvia Millet, Nicole Humphrey, Milagros Noel.