Allieta is a creative center for personal growth, learning and wellbeing. The name Allieta expresses what we wish to bring to your life: balance, inner peace and calmness under any circumstance.


We promote expressive arts workshops, art enrichment programs, yoga and meditation classes. We also host trainings and workshops for teachers and educators providing strategies and techniques to enhance attention of the students in the classroom.


We provide tools for personal growth, for nurturing creativity and wellbeing while focusing on the integration of body, mind, spirit and emotions.


Our creativity can be enriched by deepening the relationship with the natural environment, thus actualizing a fertile union of art and nature, in which the microcosm of human being is harmonized with the natural rhythms of the macrocosm.


We aim to inspire others to practice respect, cooperation, gratefulness and spiritual growth.


We offer various programs, trainings and classes with many opportunities for the participants. Some of our programs are addressed to the needs of specific age groups.


We consider it important to provide plenty of opportunities for stress management and relaxation and to unlock the creative power within.


Our programs can also be pathways to intuitive awareness, emotional intelligence and inner freedom. This integration of body, mind and spirit leads to harmony and inner balance.

Curriculum Vitae



Leno, Brescia - Italy
Palazzo Ciogola Martinoni


Arzo, Mendrisio - Switzerland

Scuola elementare de Arzo


Agno, Lugano - Switzerland

GGM: Gruppo Genitorio della Motagna


Maui, Hawaii - United States

Roots School

Expressive and creative arts


Arzo, Mendrisio - Switzerland

Atelier Allessia


Agno, Lugano - Switzerland

Escuela elementare Publica


Novazzano, Mendrisio - Switzerland

GGM: Gruppo Genitorio della Motagna


Easy attention in the classroom


Lugano - Switzerland

Escuela elementare Publica, Paradiso.


Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona - Spain

Fundacion del Penedes.


Montagnola, Lugano - Switzerland

TASIS, The America School in Switzerland